How to Change a Flat Tire: The Right Tools and the Right Method

April 3rd, 2018 by

man used lug wrench to change tire


How to change a flat tire – it’s knowledge all drivers should have, and yet it’s a skill frequently spurned. That’s okay. Let’s go ahead and learn about:

  • The Right Gear
  • The Right Method

The Right Gear

Firstly, have these items in your car:

  • Jack
  • Lug Wrench
  • Fully Inflated Spare Tire
  • Owner’s Manual

Misplaced them? Never issued them in the first place? Pick up new ones, making sure the spare is regularly inflated to your manufacturer’s recommended PSI.

You’ll also want the following on-hand:

  • Flashlight
  • Rain Poncho
  • 2″x6” Wood to Secure the Jack
  • Gloves
  • Wheel Wedges
Man changes tire on car

Spare tire on back of Jeep Wrangler

The Right Method

Okay, now onto the good stuff:

  1. Bring your vehicle to a safe location. Slow down and pick out a level, straight stretch of road with a wide shoulder.
  2. Turn on your hazard lights before getting out.
  3. Apply the parking brake, even on level ground, to prevent rolling.
  4. Apply the wheel wedges. They go in front of the front tires when you’re changing a rear tire or behind the rear tires when you’re changing at the front.
  5. Place the jack beneath the frame. Look for a section of exposed metal, and follow the instructions in your owner’s manual.
  6. Place a small cut of 2×6” wood beneath the jack to prevent it settling, then start to lift. Remember never to place any part of your body under the vehicle.
  7. Unscrew the lug nuts – once loose, it’s easy to unscrew them by hand.
  8. Remove the flat by gripping the treads and pulling gently toward you. Set it on its side to prevent rolling.
  9. Mount the spare on the lug nuts, then tighten them by hand until they are all on.
  10. Lower the vehicle slightly and tighten the lug nuts with a wrench.
  11. Bring the vehicle to the ground.
  12. Replace the hubcap. It may not fit – if so, stow it with your flat.
  13. Check the pressure of the spare to make sure it’s safe to drive on.
  14. Drive to a service center. Remember, spares are meant to be temporary and shouldn’t be driven at high speeds.

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