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The All-New Dodge Charger is defined by geniuses of engineering.

By being
 different. “Irreverent” might be the best word to sum up Dodge vehicles. For a
 100+-year-old Brand, we act anything but. We believe attitude is neither
constrained nor defined by a number of years. It’s defined by something
much less tangible. By offering the unexpected. By pushing boundaries for no other
reason than because we can. By being led to build from our hearts and not
by a committee of suits in a back office. We are a Brand that could not care
less about convention. The All-New Dodge Charger is available today at Gurnee Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Gurnee, Illinois, conveniently located in the Greater Chicago Area!

MEAN MUG // Charger SRT Hellcat is nothing short of a sinister, track-inspired beauty. The iconic, sills connect the new front and rear inspired design showcases fascias to help amplify the scalloped bodysides, an imposing integrated design.
All SRT Hellcat hoods supply more than savage style — the functional widebody flares out an additional 3.5 inches from the overall width of hood scoop, along with dual air extractors, provides effective Charger for a more dominating presence. In the rear, a standard also receives a newly designed front fascia and includes a new one-piece, body-color performance spoiler details the back design while mail-slot grille, providing the most direct route for cool air to travel into the radiator and maintain ideal operating temperatures even in the adding downforce to help bring high- speed balance to the vehicle. The powerful engine it covers. The power bulge with a functional scoop works to help keep the engine at its optimal operating temperature. A seamless LED racetrack tail lamp is a fitting nod to the vehicle’s heritage.

The interior is a striking balance of throwback style and must-have technology. The one-piece-construction, instrument-panel bezel houses the 7-inch reconfigurable digital gauge cluster. Buttons on the steering wheel let you scan through hundreds of different vehicle configurations and customize what information you see and how you see it.

SCAT PACK ///// The feeling is nostalgia. The performance is modern-day technology. The bragging rights are yours. Charger Scat Pack and new Scat Pack Widebody are fed by the 485-horsepower, 475 lb-ft of torque 392 HEMI V8 engine. Scat Pack models feature big Brembo brakes, 3-Mode Electronic Stability Control (ESC) with Full-Off Mode, high-performance suspension with Bilstein shocks and 20-inch by 9-inch aluminum wheels, and available cold-air induction to help you use that power responsibly.

Scat Pack Widebody features its own upgraded, specially tuned suspension with three- mode (Auto, Sport and Track) Bilstein adaptive damping and 20-inch by 11-inch wheels. The result is unthinkable levels of lateral grip, acceleration and braking, delivering the premium handling. Massive 15.4-inch Brembo two-piece brake rotors with 6-piston front calipers deliver tremendous stopping power, heat management and longevity, producing 60 – 0 stops in 107 feet. The numbers Scat Pack Widebody yields tell an impressive ///// Charger Scat Pack Widebody shown in Pitch Black.

Charger Scat Pack interior boasts standard race-inspired seats complete with embroidered Scat Pack Bee logo (standard high-performance premium cloth or available Nappa leather trim with Alcantara suede inserts). Every Scat Pack model includes Dodge SRT® Performance Pages that feature everything from Launch Control to a g-force meter to drag-race timers. This real-time data can also be accessed on either the standard 7-inch reconfigurable digital display housed between the gauges or the standard 8.4-inch Uconnect touchscreen. SRT Drive Modes offer the ability to customize steering feel, transmission shift points, throttle response, ESC tuning and suspension firmness (if equipped with Adaptive Damping Suspension).

TRACK-PROVEN TUNED CHASSIS High-demanding track conditions require tightly engineered hardware. This is why Charger Scat Pack boasts a high-performance tuned chassis. //// SHOCK ABSORBERS Available Bilstein high-performance shock absorbers are precision-damped to help provide a confident, smooth ride for the typical commute while still being capable for weekend track duty.

SUSPENSION Options range from sport-tuned to high-performance to the top-of-the-line competition suspension featuring adaptive damping. A bold combination of movement and staying power comes from a sophisticated suspension geometry and Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD). Whether it’s the everyday motoring or more challenging driving situations, the independent 5-link rear suspension is finely tuned to help provide exceptional handling and a comfortable ride. When the rubber meets the road, a lower unsprung mass helps maintain optimal tire contact with the ground and minimizing road noise. The potent Scat Pack Widebody combines excellent balance, tight cornering ability and responsive steering to achieve 0.98g on the skid pad. The Bilstein Three-Mode Adaptive Damping Suspension (standard on all SRT Hellcat models; available on Scat Pack) offers different suspension firmness settings from Street Mode (sporty) to Sport Mode (firm) to Track Mode (firmest max handling).

Aggressive Front-and-Rear-Camber Geometry Performance

Handling requires maximum road-holding grip, and Charger Scat Pack models deliver with aggressive front- and rear-camber geometry.
// LISTEN to music, talk shows and sports. Access all genres, favorite artists, winning teams — all the time — with available SiriusXM Radio // CONNECT you and your passengers with available built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot connectivity // SPEAK UP and be heard, send and receive calls and texts (not compatible with iPhone mobile devices) while driving safely with hands-free phone capability // NAVIGATE to every adventure with this available system, get turn- by-turn directions so you don’t get lost on the way (unless you want to) // START your car from afar, or lock your doors from almost anywhere using your smartphone — thanks to Uconnect plus SiriusXM Guardian services // SEE into the future, hear weather and traffic reports with a five-year trial subscription to SiriusXM Travel Link and SiriusXM Traffic Plus.

 This is smart iPhone integration, so you’ll experience your favorite features through your dashboard. With Siri, all you have to do is ask — catch up on calls and messages, get directions from Apple Maps, or request a song through Apple Music. The system lets you browse music or discover nearby gas stations, parking, restaurants and more. Plus, Maps helps predict where you’re headed.

For those who know and love Android, Android Auto brings your favorite smartphone apps into one place, making it easy for drivers to access their favorite navigation, media and communication apps on the road while minimizing the distractions. Stay focused on the road while you plan your day with the Google Assistant, get voice-guided navigation with Google Maps and listen to your favorite songs on Google Play Music.

ADVANCED ALL-WHEEL DRIVE // Charger doesn’t hide out in the garage just because Mother Nature is in a mood. Available All-Wheel Drive (AWD) delivers prompt control when and where it’s needed. The advanced automatic Active AWD System intuitively and seamlessly transitions between Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) and AWD without driver intervention. Under normal driving conditions, power to the front wheels is disengaged and 100 percent of the engine’s torque is directed to the rear wheels. When sensors indicate more traction is needed, the system automatically engages the front wheels and instantly transitions to AWD mode. These systems work with the vehicle’s Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system to deliver precise front-to-rear torque control while preserving unrelenting drive.

PARKVIEW REAR BACK-UP CAMERA // This system displays the area directly behind your vehicle when the vehicle is in Reverse. Dynamic grid lines adjust with steering input to assist in parking. Standard.

PARKSENSE REAR PARK ASSIST // When your vehicle is in Reverse and moving at a low speed, the system can detect objects in your vehicle’s path. When sensors detect objects in the back-up pathway, the system provides an audible and visual warning. Standard.
BLIND SPOT MONITORING (BSM) WITH REAR CROSS-PATH DETECTION // Dual radar sensors constantly monitor driver blind spots, providing notification of an encroaching vehicle via illuminating icons in the sideview mirrors and by audible chime. The system includes Rear Cross-Path Detection, which monitors for vehicles and objects in perpendicular relationships to the vehicle while backing out of parking spots or driveways. Available.

ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL (ACC) // Automatically adjusts vehicle speed to maintain desired distance from the vehicle ahead, and can bring the vehicle to a full stop without driver intervention. Available.

FULL-SPEED FORWARD COLLISION WARNING WITH ACTIVE BRAKING (FSFCW) // Radar and camera technology combine to alert you when the system senses potential frontal impact. If you’re not able to respond quickly enough, the system will automatically engage the brakes with the ability to bring the vehicle to a complete stop. Available.
LANESENSE LANE DEPARTURE WARNING (LDW) WITH LANE KEEP ASSIST // This system measures your position within lane boundaries. If it detects an unintentional lane drift, it will alert you and correct the vehicle back into the lane. Available.

ELECTRONIC STABILITY CONTROL (ESC) // This system is designed to assist the driver in maintaining control of the vehicle when a loss of traction is detected. ESC senses when a vehicle loses steering control and attempts to correct the vehicle’s course by automatically applying the brakes at individual wheels. Standard.

RAIN-SENSING WINDSHIELD WIPERS // System sensors automatically detect moisture on the windshield and activate the wipers. Available.

READY ALERT BRAKING // The system anticipates situations when you might initiate an emergency brake stop and uses the ESC pump to precharge the brake system in order to decrease the time required for full brake application. Standard.

RAIN BRAKE SUPPORT // When your car’s windshield wipers have been activated, the system pulses the brake pads closer to the spinning rotors, helping to keep the rotors and pads dry for greater control and operator security. Standard.

The All-New Dodge Charger is available to test drive today at Gurnee Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

Which is conveniently located next to multiple Chicago Illinois neighborhoods, call us to schedule a test drive or stop by to see our latest inventory!
Call us to schedule a test drive today and browse our selection of new, leased and pre-owned Dodge Chargers.

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